Saturday, November 27, 2010

A holiday at the coast

While friends in other parts of the world are freezing their bottoms off we are enjoying moving into our summer here and so it was off to the coast for a little holiday and what a lovely time we had. One of the biggest delights for me was seeing so many dragon flies, I love them but haven't seen any for such a long time. They hold a special place for me. There was certainly no shortage of them where we were and to top it off when we came home I saw one in our backyard, she must have travelled with us :). We also saw dolphins frolicking off the coast, bunnies, birds and crabs and all sorts of wonderful seaside creatures.
There was swimming, sun, sandcastles and fresh sea air so it was very relaxing and peaceful too. I didn't get much sketching done as there were so many other things to do but I can do that now to relive that wonderful relaxing feeling. Illustration Fridays word of the week is savour and I can certainly say I  savoured the peace and tranquility of the beach! I might get a sketch done this week if I am lucky :)

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