Saturday, October 16, 2010

Illustration Friday - Spooky

I don't know if he is that spooky... we know the story, maybe the spookiness relates to the people coming behind him with their pitchforks and flames.

Having said that, in relating him to childrens illustration it would be for older children.

Im not really that happy with this fellow so have been doing a bit of digital doodling in relation to the theme.

Little witch number 2. Still not happy, I love the theme of spooky so feel quite frustrated with my piccs. Never mind, had a minute so played some more...

The back gorund is an old trial from a while ago.


  1. I like this Frankenstein so much. He´s not spooky, okey, but he´s sad. I like to see the "other side" of the character and you provide it.

  2. Franky never looked so good! Great job on Frankenstein. I love his eyes.

  3. Hey Janet! Love the simplicity and the design of your sweeping witch! Frankie is cool!

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments everyone. I love the theme of spooky ...

  5. Great expression on your Frankenstein!

  6. You are so prolific Janet! Your art is wonderful and i am so jealous that you do digital work! I sure would love to learn more :)
    maybe next year which is soon, eek! now that is spooky! :D
    is that a little castle i see in the background of this cute witch? love it!

  7. Thanks Sally.

    I have a thing for the emotion of a situation or character and it soemtimes comes through evebn when I am not expecting it to.

  8. Thanks Val.

    I must say I am feeling more comfortable with digital, there was a time I felt I shouldnt use it so much but now I realise I should emabrace it and I do.


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