Sunday, October 24, 2010

Illustration Friday - Racing

When I saw the topic I couldn’t help but think of the Melbourne Cup which is an iconic event here in Australia and is only a bit over a week away.

It’s the 150th anniversary of the cup this year and we Australians love any excuse for a party and a bit of fun. It’s known as "The race that stops a Nation" and even if you don’t gamble, many people have a little 'flutter' on the cup.

So I thought about the theme and my take on the cup and I couldn’t go past fashions on the field and the tradition of race day hats’s become quite a big part of the day and they often range from the amazing to the absurd. I’ll let you decide which of those categories this one fits into although I’m hoping the former….

This is image has been produced from a straw blown picture I did when my little girl and I were playing with paints one day, I stuck the original underneath to show her humble beginnings because I like it when people show some of the progression of their work. I thought I would give it a go.

Title: Race day fever and it is a Mixed media.


  1. This is a great image, love the effects !!!

  2. Very hat like! I think you chose well.

    I looked closely to see that you have matched earrings and hat and think that added deco on the hat was a brilliant idea.

    Could she have a little marking for a nose just down near the mouth?... Just a teeny delicate one?

    It's your work of course - just wondering.


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