Sunday, January 26, 2014

Its Australia Day!

Happy Australia day to my country men and women. To me, some of the most wonderful aspects of the Australian culture are the sense of 'mate-ship',  giving everyone a fair go, standing up for the underdog, being laid back and a having a great sense of humour. I hope we always keep that! ××

Once a jolly swag-man camped by a billabong, 
under the shade of a coolibar tree...

In honour of Australia day... well because i really want to progress with my illustration, I have decided to do some form of art /illustration every day for 12 months ( i think I have done this before and i think I usually last a few weeks before full time work and other things get in the way....).  This time I am going to give it a good go, try to go from this Australia day to  next Australia day. 

They won't always be elaborate or maybe even that good, but no harm can come from daily practising:).    I really want to improve my artwork, get my skill levels up and basically have fun and see how much I can progress my abilities .... so ....   

here I go! 


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