Sunday, March 3, 2013

Illustration Friday_Talent

This weeks IF entry. I hope you enjoy it.

I might have to change my blog security settings and stop the potential for anonymous comments. I left it on so people who didn't have blog etc. could leave me comments without having to sign up to anything. Sadly some 'orrible little spammers have found my page. What pathetic little lives they must have to put energy into posting asinine comments on other peoples blogs to try and lure them into visiting webpages.... Oh well, it takes all sorts I guess. 


  1. What a super cute little doggy! She will win the show.

  2. I love how Candice and Hilary walk with the same style! Kindred spirits!!

  3. Super cute! Sorry about the spammers, we just have to do the best we can about em.

  4. Don't turn on word verify or comment moderation. Do this instead: On the Template page there is a list to the left; click on 'comments' and you will see a page that shows all your comments as they come in. It's easy to spot the spam. Below each comment you have choices to deal with it, just click 'spam' and it's gone for good. I put that page in my bookmarks bar and check it every hour or so. Spam is dealt with quickly and easily with this method, without turning on annoying word verify.

    Anyway, good luck Hilary, with best in show! Curtains up, footlights on!

    1. Thanks Ted, I've done as you suggested and it does make it easy to remove them. That's a relief, I didn't want to put verify on.


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