Sunday, October 21, 2012

Illustration Friday - sky

"Her head in the clouds"

Yah, I'm getting in early for this weeks IF after missing the last ... 2 I think.

I had art all arranged for them too! I spent most of my time over the past two weeks preparing for a local craft fair stall that I have been basically waiting a year to do. Its a great event as there are so many clever and high quality crafts and wares there. I've always enjoyed attending it as a visitor, this time all my preparation efforts were worthwhile and I had a very successful day as a seller too. Most importantly,  it was a fun day and I met many other lovely  artisans and wonderful people who commented so positively on my artworks and told me what they liked about them. I had my head in the clouds yesterday evening :-)
Ill definitely do it again next year! 


  1. Mister giraffe is on top of the world! Cute job. :)

  2. Oh yes, I see that her head is in the clouds, and I know why; those crafts fairs are a lot of fun. The more you do it the more you fine-tune your art, too. And that means SALES! YEAH! Plus you make cool art friends.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Tony and Ted.
    Very true Ted.


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