Sunday, June 3, 2012

Illustration Friday - Hurry

Hurry - crack open the sketchbook, my new inktense have arrived.

I bought some new Inktense pencils so I so have been having a bit of fun sketching with them, just playing with htumbnails in my sketchbook to get a feel for them. This is a little medley of items from my sketchbook.

Apologies to any "boxer dog" owners, I know they are really very sweet, this one is just having a bad day, I think he is being tormented by the scraggy cat on the page.

Re Ink tense... I thought I would be able to just pick them up and go but I find them a little harder to use than I anticipated, it is very easy to make colour too intense and I find in my sketch book paper texture shows through in a less than pleasing way (whilst I love it with other mediums I use). I certainly need lots more practice and I think I will find them a great adjunct to other forms of painting, like using water colours and adding highlights and special bits with these much like I do with my water colour, oil pastel and pastel chalk pencils.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them, just can’t drive them as well as I would like to yet! :-)

I also bought myself an aqua brush, just because everyone who is anyone seems to have one darling… and I’m getting used to that too.

Its great fun experimenting.


  1. Ohhhh,, you're having WAY too much fun here. I think I like Mr Hippo the best, he's funny.

  2. This a sparkling first page in your new book. The colours are very bright indeed, but it makes the figures like cheerful dots of flowers. I wish you lots of happy hours with the new book. What's an aqua brush?

  3. This is way cute. I love sketchbook pages!

  4. Thanks to each of you :-)
    Hedwig, the aqua brush is a little acrylic water colour brush that has its own water chamber inside so you can just fill it up and paint with out needing to take a pot of water with you ( good for traveling or outdoor painting)


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